Adapter to Odysseus available – mosaik

Adapter to Odysseus available

Odysseus is an in-memory data stream management system that is designed for online processing of big data in real time. It is possible to filter, correlate, extend, and transform data. We now provide an adapter to connect Odysseus with mosaik, which makes it possible to transfer your simulation data to Odysseus for an easy analysis and online-visualization of your simulation results.

odysseus how it works

Date flow in Odysseus.

You can find more about Odysseus on its feature-site. There is also a short introduction how to use Odysseus to visualize and store data in the mosaik documentation.

There are two easy ways to connect mosaik and Odysseus which are described in a step by step tutorial. The adapter has been developed in the context of a master’s thesis. So if you are German-speaking, you can find detailed information in the thesis.

odysseus visualization

Example demonstrating the visualization of time series in Odysseus.