mosaik — Live-demo


This is a live version of our demo scenario. It represents a simple but comprehensive Smart Grid simulation consisting of Open Source models. It consists of a simplistic grid (represented by PYPOWER), and housholds and PV panels connected to it (integrated as time series via the mosaik-householdsim and mosaik-csv adapters). It’s an online simulation running in a docker container on a server in OFFIS. The simulation is interactively visualized via mosaik-web. Each simulated model entity, namly grid buses, housholds, and PV modules are represented via spheres, which are connected according to the simulation topology of the scenario. Their inner color is changing according to the current value of each element. You can click on the individual elements to get a moving temporal visualization.

There are three scenarios simulating different months in spring, summer, and winter (April, August, and December 2014) with corresponding medium, high, and low PV active power. Each month is simulated in an infinite loop. You can switch between them via the corresponding buttons. The progress within the simulated months is shown via the blue bar on the top of the frame. If the simulation end is reached you can refresh the browser window to restart from the beginning.