mosaik — Installation and Downloads

Installation and Downloads

Yep2 Mosaik runs on Linux, OS X and Windows.


  • Python 3.4 or higher
  • pip which is bundled with Python 3.4 and above
  • virtualenv, a tool to manage the dependencies of different Python projects

As the mosaik framework doesn’t do much by itself we provide a simple demo scenario.

There are different ways to install mosaik. If you’re not sure, which to choose, see here.

  Linux Mac OS X Windows


Installs Python 3.4 (if not already existing), virtualenv, mosaik and the demo.

Other Python versions

coming soon… coming soon… Windows 64Bit Windows 32Bit


By using the python installer pip you can choose yourself what to install.

Linux Mac OS X Windows

VirtualBox VM:

A “ready to use” VM Image with Xubuntu 16.04 64-Bit LTS (Login data: user: mosaik / pass: mosaik).

VM Image VM Image VM Image
VirtualBox Host Software download for Windows / Linux / MacOS / Solaris


Here you find the source code of mosaik, the demo and other simulators and tools. You can get the sources by cloning mercurial-repositories.

mosaik mosaik-core

mosaik mosaik-components

mosaik mosaik-tools

Windows installer

Installs Python (if not already existing), virtualenv, mosaik and the demo. Recommended Python version is 3.4. If you have already an other Python version on your computer and you don’t want to install a second one you can use the following installers:

Python 3.3

Python 3.4

Python 3.5

Virtual Machine Images

A “ready to use” VirtualBox Image:

Xubuntu 16.04 with python 3.5

Login data:

user: mosaik

pass: mosaik