SESA Lab opening – mosaik

SESA Lab opening

Today, we inaugurate our Smart Energy Simulation and Automation (SESA) lab at the OFFIS Institute, which nicely integrates into the mosaik environment. The focus of the SESA lab is to integrate real-time models (MATLAB Simulink-based) running on dedicated target machines into a mosaik-orchestrated large-scale Smart Grid environment. Of course, this raises a lot of technical as well as conceptual questions we need to address.

We currently develop models for the real-time environment that are easily comprehensible on the one hand and allow parameter access during runtime on the other hand. Another task is to properly deal with one or more real-time components within the mosaik environment. This imposes a global clock into the otherwise event-based (and thus indirectly timed) simulation. Keeping this timing constraint in a large hybrid environment is surely a challenge. One could tackle it by balancing the distributed mosaik simulation onto multiple machines and thus allow for synchronization at precise intervals.

We will keep you updated about progress here and hope that this feature will interest many prospective users of mosaik.