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Second alpha of mosaik 2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the second alpha for mosaik2.

Changes in the new version:

  • [NEW] Preliminary documentation and installation instructions (
  • [NEW] Simulators can now set data to other simulators using the asynchronous request set_data (issue #1).
  • [NEW] There is now a start timeout for external processes (issue #11).
  • [CHANGE] Mosaik now raises an error if a simulator uses the wrong API version (issue #4).
  • [CHANGE] Mosaik prints everything to stdout instead of using the Python logging module (issue #7).
  • [FIX] issue #2. Scheduling now works properly for processes using async. requests. New keyword argument async_requests for World.connect().
  • [FIX] issue #3. Local (in-process) Simulators can now also perform async. requests to mosaik (get_progress, get_related_entities, get_data, set_data).
  • [FIX] issue #8. Cleaned up the code a bit.
  • [FIX] issue #10. Tests for the sim manager improved.

There are still a few things that need to be done before we can release mosaik 2.0 (see open tickets). One of them will likely brake the current version of the mosaik API. :-)

To get the new version, run pip install --pre -U mosaik from within your mosaik virtualenv.