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Third alpha of mosaik 2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of a third alpha version for mosaik2.

Changes in this version:

  • [NEW] Hierarchical entities: Entities can now have a list of child entities (issue #14).
  • [NEW] The World class now has a get_data() method that allows you to get data from entities while creating a scenario.
  • [NEW] World.connect(a, b, ('X', 'X')) can now be simplified to World.connect(a, b, 'X').
  • [NEW] Attribute Entity.full_id which uniquely identifies an entity: '<sid>/<eid>'
  • [NEW] Attribute ModelFactory.meta which is the meta data dictionary of a simulator.
  • [NEW] World() now accepts a configuration dictionary which can, e.g., specify the network address for mosaik.
  • [NEW] Overview section for the docs
  • [NEW] Description of the mosaik API in the docs
  • [CHANGE] When you create entities, mosaik checks if the model parameters actually exists and raises an error if not (issue #9).
  • [CHANGE] The mosaik API’s init() function now receives the simulator ID as first argument (issue #15).
  • [CHANGE] The behavior of the get_related_entities() RPC that simulators can perform has been changed.
  • [CHANGE] Various internal improvements
  • [FIX] issue #18. Improved the error message if a Python simulator could not be imported.
  • [REMOVED] Attribute Entity.rel.

This release introduced backwards incompatible changes, so you may have to update your simulators and scenarios.

The next release will (presumably) only add a few convenience functions and may be labeled as beta. If now big issues arise with that release, the release after that might be the final 2.0.

To get the new version, run pip install --pre -U mosaik from within your mosaik virtualenv.