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Mosaik 2.0 finally released

After half a year of alpha versions, we are very pleased to finally release mosaik 2.0!

Changes in this version:

  • [NEW] A lot of documentation improvements.
  • [NEW] mosaik.util.connect_randomly(): a utility method that randomly connects two sets of entities with each other.
  • [CHANGE] The mosaik logo was slightly updated. It now uses plain colors instead of gradients.
  • [CHANGE] The Sim API version and mosaik’s package version are now separated. Sim API versions are always integer numbers, while semantic versioning is used for the Python package (issue #17).
  • [CHANGE] The default timeout for starting and stopping external simulator processes was raised to ten seconds.
  • [CHANGE] mosaik.simulator was renamed to mosaik.scheduler to avoid confusion with the actual simulators.
  • [CHANGe] Entiy and World.entity_graph now also contain the simulator name, because the model name may not be globally unique.
  • [FIX] issue #16: When a simulator unexpectedly closes it socket, its name will now be printed to ease debugging.

We still have a lot more ideas for new features, but by now we consider mosaik ready enough for a broader audience.

The mosaik-demo was also updated and uses mosaik 2.0 now.

To get the new version, run pip install -U moasik from within your mosaik virtualenv. If you have any questions or feedback, please come to our mailing list.