Save-the-Date 28./29. April 2015 – mosaik

Save-the-Date 28./29. April 2015

Hands-on-Workshop Co-Simulation in Smart-Grids with mosaik

28. April 2015 13:00 - 29. April 2015 13:00

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna

As the electrical system is a critical infrastructure computer simulations are the means of choice to study the behavior of the system. A Smart Grid is a system which itself consists of a huge number of different subsystems. To model such a system the combination of different simulators is required. Mosaik is an open source tool that has established a large user base and provides the functionality to establish the data exchange between different simulators and to orchestrate the combined simulation run.

The workshop provides the opportunity for (prospective) users to meet users and developers of the co- simulation-tool mosaik.

Goals of the workshop:

  • Learning about the advantages and limitations of Smart Grid co-simulation with mosaik
  • Hands-on experience in model composition and large-scale scenario design with mosaik
  • Hands-on experience in hardware/software model integration into the mosaik ecosystem
  • Networking: getting to know mosaik users and developers with similar/complementary goals research questions

In order to facilitate efficient small working groups the number of participants is limited (to 25 persons). There will be a moderate registration fee to cover organizing expenses.

More information and a registration form here.