Mosaik 2.6.0 released – mosaik

Mosaik 2.6.0 released

The new version 2.6.0 of mosaik is just released.

The print of the simulation progress is now optional. This might be useful when using mosaik in jupyter notebooks and can also reduce the simulation time considerably. To disable it, the following flag has to be used:, print_progress=False)

Thanks to Edmund Widl, additional starters to the standard ones python’, ‘cmd’, and ‘connect’ can now be added via external packages.

To get the newest mosaik version, run from within your mosaik virtualenv: pip install -U mosaik

We have also moved our development from Bitbucket to GitLab ( We will mirror the repositories to Bitbucket for a while, but this might change in the near future. If you want to contribute code or report issues, please use our new GitLab projects instead of Bitbucket from now on.